Who is Fear0 (Fear Zer0)

How did it start?

I was 10 years old when I first came to America in 1989. During my time in school, I had difficulty communicating with my classmates. One thing that really stood out to me was all of the different pairs of sneakers they wore.

What Are Fear0 Product?

Sneakers are expensive, coming from a family that doesn’t have the extra money to spend. So instead of asking my family to buy sneakers for me, I started my goal to build the sneakers. A sneaker to be fashionable for everyday use, affordable with high quality. Back in 1989, I owned a pair of plain white canvas sneakers. It brought back great memory that I used the sneakers for running, walking, playing soccer, and skateboarding. So that's how Fear0's first sneaker was born, white unpretentious minimal sneakers with sturdy rubber soles, stylish with any outfit. Every product is from a story that is related to a life experience. Our goal is to have people from all walks of life be able to afford our products, so we started a buy one and give one program which will benefit the less fortunate. A brand that vocalized the social conscience for our environment.

My name is Chuk Fung. My brand is Fear0.